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The Objective

Trans Mission Research’s goal is to question and to position on the subject of women,

to promote gender balance, as well as to move forward in gender issues in the field of theater, by using the mask as a vector of questioning and experimentation.


Trans Mission Research thrives in an international framework allowing exposure as well as gaining new perspectives everywhere it goes.


The Tools

Performances, workshops, conferences, social action and awareness.


The History

In 2002, Sweden began to implement an ambitious policy to promote gender balance in the theater world, in the arts and in the society in general.


In March 2006, Stefan Ridell, Director of the Regional Theatre Halland, in Sweden and Etienne Champion, mask sculptor (co-director of the Collective Mask) proposed to Mariana Araoz (stage director) a research workshop: "female mask”. Trans Mission and the Research (TMR) were defined as a result of this meeting.


Other meetings followed: in Germany (Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte), in Sweden (Teater Skillinge, Thales Teater, Sagohustet, Teater Lacrimosa) in France (L'Avant Seine / Theatre of Colombes, CSC des Fosses-Jean, La Cave à Théâtre, Le Hublot, Théâtre 95), Romania (IC-Urgent) and in the U.S. (The Bricklayers, St. Olaf College).


The Outcome

Several performances emerged as a result of these fruitful exchanges and research work (TMR):

"The Threepenny Opera" (work around gender, and repertoire balance) with the Regional Teater Halland.

"Venus Machina" (study of famous women, fairy tales and female body) performed in the Avant Seine Colombes/ Théâtre 95.

"Twelfnight" (working on transgender) in Chicago Theater Atheneum and

"Mother Courage" (anonymous women) with Barbra Berlovitz  at Theater Lab in Minneapolis, both productions with the Bricklayers.

"Antigone" (mythical women) Teater Skillinge in Sweden.

"Venus Museum" (study of obsessive body and the story of women)


The Research (TMR)

Theater is a reflection of our society and a communication channel that can convey sexist concepts. Trans Mission aims to modify such concepts, as well as to update our vision of the society from a balanced standpoint without the clichés and stereotypes transmitted by the media, the advertising industry, education, religion, and politics.


Masked Theatre, as it is defined, allows transcending one´s personality and gender.


The Framework

The female character:

-Its representation through dramatic works and plays.

-Adapting Repertoire to our time (reversed roles, balanced repertoire, gender issues)


The acting and the so-called "feminine" roles:

-What is an actress on stage? What physical and mental type of performer the theater is expecting her to be? Benefits on performing "feminine" roles for men and "masculine" roles for women.

-The female main characters in our classic and modern plays.


Famous women and anonymous women:

- What they have given to history and humanity, their position and influence.


Mythical women

-How mythical women build our identity, influence our thinking.

-The study of mythological tales, and fairy tales.

-Work on gender, transgender, balanced repertoire respecting dramaturgy.


Project Designer: Mariana Araoz



“As there is no such thing as “The Woman”, but women instead: The Mask of “The Woman” does not exist.  In fact, a mask would be transgendered rather; it shows the universal traits of a character. "


Etienne Champion, mask sculptor


Version française.

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